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Conservatory nearby the Elbe in Blankenese

In an exquisite private villa in Blankenese, we recently installed 30 square meters of ConverLight® triple insulating glass with a remarkably low U-value. In addition to outstanding thermal insulation, ConverLight® offers intelligent solar shading for maximum comfort. With the help of intelligent control via a light sensor, it ensures optimum light transmission while protecting against unwanted heat.

Long story short: it ensures a conservatory that is perfectly air-conditioned all year round without sacrificing natural light.

Every detail has been carefully planned and implemented with a high demand on the visual quality of the glass. For an appealing aesthetic that is seamlessly integrated into the architectural vision of the villa.

Combines outstanding thermal insulation and intelligent solar protection

Product installed:
ConverLight® as a triple-insulating glass

Special characteristic:
Optimum light transmission thanks to intelligently controlled light sensors

Area fitted:
30 qm²