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Zurich Airport

Zurich Airport, which opened in November 2020 as a service centre, houses a variety of shops, offices, hotels, restaurants and a congress and health centre. In such a project, two keywords are central for us: aesthetics and safety. On the one hand, we developed doors and partition walls for this purpose, which elegantly separate the multi-storey car park from the office building by means of frameless glazing with a seamless glass-to-glass butt joint.

Together with our customer GLASTECH Fire GmbH, a total of around 125 m² of Hero-Fire El 30 glass was installed, which is not only smoke- and flame-proof and complies with strict temperature limits on the side facing away from the fire, but also offers special protection against burglary. Another 52 m² of Hero-Fire El 30 provide additional safety by being fall-proof and exceptionally sound-insulating.

Doors and partition walls with burglar-proof and fire-proof glazing

Product installed:
Hero-Fire® El 30

Area fitted:
approx. 177 m2

Fall-safe and extremely