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In the midst of North East London's central interchange station, now proudly named the 'Elizabeth Line', we supplied approximately 250m² of purpose-built glazing that not only meets aesthetic requirements but also provides high security protection against terrorist threats.

With the aim of maximizing natural light penetration and creating a harmonious blend with the adjacent historic Smithfield market, multi-layered glazing was used in combination with screen and digital printing. This allowed a wide range of design and security requirements to be combined - all while remaining strict weight restrictions for the façade.
Our personal highlight?

An artistic masterpiece printed directly onto glass. Using digital printing and a custom screen printing process, we were able to perfectly reflect the specially commissioned artwork into the glass. Finally, with rigorous factory control and customer inspections at every stage of production, we ensured that every single pane was delivered in the highest quality.

The result? Glazing that not only fulfils its functional purpose, but also allows the artistic essence to shine.

Specially manufactured glass systems with design elements and special safety functions

Artistic masterpiece: old Victorian design with a modern touch

Special characteristic:
creative pattern in the glass:

Area fitted:
approx. 250 m2