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An essential part of modern architecture

Curved glass is both a constructive and decorative element of modern architecture and is used in a variety of ways as a design element in interior and exterior architecture, in counter construction and shopfitting, in lifts, and in revolving and portal systems. We use our years of experience in planning, mould making and bending processes, along with our technical expertise, to meet all of your needs. We are one of only a small number of glass refiners in Europe who can perform conical, cylindrical and spherical bends, as well as guarantee precise bends.

We offer curved float glass in thicknesses of 3 to 19 mm, coated glass (solar and thermal protection layers), anti-reflective glass, decorative and screen-printed glass. We can also process curved glass into laminated safety glass, insulating glass or Hero-URG on request.

Bending Float, white glas,hard and soft coatings, screen printing and decorations.
max. length 6.000 mm
max. width 3.210 mm
Glass thickness 4–70 mm laminated safety glass structures
Bending shape Cylindrical, cylindrical with straight extensions, multiple radii, elliptical, conical, twisted, S-bends, spherical and aspherical.
Radii Float from 30 mm, hard coatings from 250 mm, soft coatings from 400 mm (depending on bending angles and dimensions).
Max. bending angle 180°
Gauge 1.100 mm
Notes All data subject to change and in accordance with the following characteristics: radius, bending angle, handling, height and penetration.

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