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Laminated glass is created by joining two or more sheets of glass with a tear-resistant interlayer. We use a variety of interlayers with different shear modules and properties, such as noise insulation, alarm or heating functions. We provide interlayers in a wide range of different colours. We manufacture all laminates under clean-room conditions. They may then be vacuumed in the pre-composite, before being permanently bonded together in the autoclave process. Laminated safety glass can also be made from thermally tempered glass and then processed into insulating glass. Curved glass can also be processed into laminated safety glass and then into insulating glass.

Laminating max. length max. width Interlayer
Pre-composite 4.800 mm 2.200 mm PVB, coloured PVB interlayer, „SentryGlas“, DG41; Sound Control
Autoclave process 6.000 mm 2.480 mm

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