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Chemical tempering

High visual quality and excellent strength properties

Our Hero-URG products are chemically tempered glass. They are used wherever high strength and high visual quality are required. Chemically tempered glass offers higher breakage and impact resistance than untreated glass as well as higher bending strength and thermal shock resistance. In contrast to thermally tempered glass, surface flatness is maintained.

Due to this, our Hero-URG is predominantly used in the construction of yachts and ships. During the production of the glass, tempering is carried out via ion exchange on the glass surface with the glass placed in a salt bath.

Thermal (ESG + ESG) max. length max. width Glass thickness Notes
Float 2.200 mm 3.200 mm 2-15 mm 160 MPa (to 12 mm)
pennetration: 30 μm (to 15 mm)

We can offer you larger or thinner glasses on request.

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