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Insulating glass is used in architectural projects both in the construction of new buildings and in the renovation of existing buildings. It provides enhanced thermal insulation. It also takes on various other functions and is ideally suited for reducing energy. In addition to thermal insulation, insulating glass can take on numerous other functions and is perfect for sound insulation, sun protection, privacy, fire protection and burglary protection.

Insulating glass is a functional glazing unit that consists of at least two panes of glass. These are cut to size, cleaned and then pressed flush with one another at defined intervals. Finally, the outer edges are sealed to hermetically close the insulating glass unit.

Insulating glass max. length max. width Glass thickness Notes
Flat 5.000 mm 2.700 mm 80 mm total thickness
16 mm single glass
Silicon PU-seal, 3-sided stepped style, each 300 mm
Curved 6.000 mm 3.200 mm Setup available on request Silicon, PU-seal, stepped style possible, other sizes available on request.
Finishes Laminated safety glass, solar and thermal protection, sound insulation, decorations, heated glass, alarmed glass, stepped style.

Sound insulation

UV protection

Fire protection

Safety glass

Heated glass

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