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As part of the Hero-Group, we specialise in the development and production of fire-safety glass. Thanks to the years of expertise of the Hero-Glas® company and the opportunity to utilise synergy effects, we have been able to create innovative fire-safety solutions through intensive development work.

We are one of the largest independent providers of fire-safety glass in Europe, and, as an independent producer, we stand out from our competitors by working independently in the market. We understand our customers’ requirements and implement solutions quickly and with great agility. We want to set standards and be measured by them.

Fire safety

in case of

The aim of fire safety is to prevent fire and smoke and to enable and facilitate firefighting. If escape routes are equipped with fire-safety glazing solutions, these should be sealed securely from fire and smoke. We have developed special glass structures for our fire-safety glass. In the event of fire, a foam forms in the glass unit due to the exposure to heat, producing an exceptionally high insulating effect.

Reduced heat radiation

Heat insulation

Maritime safety

High noise insulation values


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