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Machine safety glass

By its very nature, machine-safety-glass is exposed to high stresses. This includes, for example, constant contact with cooling lubricants or grinding oils, as well as continuous bombardment of chippings. With all of these continuous stresses, the glazing has to protect the operator from the worst-case scenario for its entire lifespan – broken tools or workpieces that could become life-threatening projectiles. Following extensive development work, we are now pleased to present an exceptionally high-performance laminated glass technology specially designed for use in plant and mechanical engineering.

In close collaboration with accredited test laboratories and leading experts, we have developed a completely new generation of machine safety glass and transparent machine room protection. The HERO-MSG technology even outperforms conventional laminated glass technologies in many respects.

Now, the choice is yours: in combination with our expertise in chemically and thermally strengthened glass, we can now offer everything from ultra-thin monolithic glass to resistant multi-laminates with polycarbonate. With significantly higher strength, our protective glass solutions are lighter and slimmer than other glass-based laminates.

  • Based on specifications or custom-made

    We manufacture high-quality glazing in accordance with standard specifications, but we can also produce individual custom-made products for you.

    We can manufacture only the laminated glass (film composites and cast resin compounds from all-glass and polycarbonate laminates)
    or obtain this as a complete ‘plug-and-play’ assembly including frame in the form of individual pieces or in series production.

    Nach Vorgabe oder Sonderanfertigung

    Wir fertigen hochwertige Verglasungen gemäß normativer Vorgaben,
    können aber genauso Ihre individuelle Sonderanfertigung herstellen.

    Dabei ist es möglich, nur das Verbundglas (Folienverbunde und
    Gießharzverbunde von Ganzglas- und Polycarbonatverbunden)
    herzustellen oder dieses auch bereits als komplette „Plug and Play“
    Baugruppe inkl. Rahmen als Einzelstücke oder in Serienproduktion zu beziehen.

    Our Hero machine safety glass solutions can also be
    adapted based on your individual requirements:

    • Individual cuts, bores, edging, etc.

    • Curved glass solutions

    • Multi-functional glass types with additional functions: fire safety, noise insulation, heatability, antistatic, eavesdropping and data protection, hygiene protection

    • Surface finishes such as screen printing, sandblasting or foliation directly onto the glass, e.g. shading, warning notices, work instructions, logos

    • Edge protection according to design requirements

    On request, our machine safety glass is also available in the form of an assembly with
    a frame and system components:


    We are happy to provide engineering and
    consulting services to help you with your
    design and construction needs.

    DENGG engineering security

    Our partner, Dengg engineering security, is our expert for machine safety glass, efficient product development and skilled support. They have been a trusted partner to machine tool manufacturers and processing companies for the critical issue of machine operator protection for many years.

    For more information, visit

    Benefits at a glance:

    • Significantly reduced replacement intervals

    • Transparent view at all times

    • Compliance with legal requirements for operator safety

    • Shorter delivery times

    • Slim structures with reduced weight

    • Increased safety and work quality

    • High retention capacity, meaning a reduced risk of injury

    • Certified according to all relevant DIN EN test standards

    • Scratch-resistant and resistant to chemicals, including coolants and lubricants

    • Comprehensive manufacturing options – all in one location

    • Plug and play due to the production possibilities of complex assemblies

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